Become A Learning Machine: How To Read 300 Books This Year

Become A Learning Machine


Become A Learning Machine:

How To Read 300 Books This Year

Learn The Secrets I Took From Elon Musk, Bill Gates and 22 Other

Radically Successful People To Read Almost A Book A Day

Instructed by Brandon Hakim


In this course, I’ll show you the entire, step-by-step blueprint I’ll use to read over 300 books this year.

Because reading isn’t just something you should do — it’s a must if you want to live your dreams.

It’s no wonder Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Will Smith and many more of the world’s most radically successful people read more in a month than most people do in a decade.

In this course, I’ll help you become a learning machine as well.

I’ll show you how to pick the right books, and how to get through them as quickly as possible so you can take what you learn and get real results in your life.

If you want to read more fiction books, this course isn’t for you. This also isn’t a course just on “speed reading” because I prefer reading the right things than reading the wrong things quickly.

All I care about is reading a book or two a day and using what I learn to make my life better. If you want to do the same, this course can change your life (I know because many of the students of the course have told me exactly that!)

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn inside:

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  1. The ONE change you need to make to change how you read forever [Lecture 5]
  2. Why everything you learned in school stops you from reading more than 20 books a year (and what to do about it) [Lecture 2]
  3. A not so obvious, hidden benefit of reading that will make you want to read every, single day [Lecture 3]
  4. Where NEVER to read [Lecture 28]
  5. A little known trick that can INSTANTLY double your reading speed [Lecture 16]
  6. “The Double Time Solution”: A Simple thing you can do to read twice as many books without spending ANY extra time [Lecture 22]
  7. How to make sure you read all the time [Lecture 9]
  8. Do you do THIS after you read? If not, all that time reading could be a total waste [Lecture 17]
  9. How to use what you learn from books to make more money (or get anything else you want) [Lecture 4]
  10. 3 simple ways to read any book quickly (HINT: none of them are what we call “traditional reading”) [Lecture 14]
  11. What to do as soon as you open the book…and why it can save you hours [Lecture 13]
  12. How to take notes on a book so you can review it even years later in 20 minutes or less [Lecture 18]
  13. Why dividing all your reading into two specific categories can make you more successful [Lecture 23]
  14. What books to NEVER read [Lecture 11]
  15. How to read even the most technical books in a day – the ones that used to take months to read [Lecture 26]
  16. The 3 types of books you NEED to read [Lecture 12]
  17. How to permanently memorize everything you read [Lecture 20]
  18. What I learned from a Roman philosopher from 2,000 years ago to organize my bookshelf [Lecture 32]
  19. The 300 Book Excel Sheet: Use this excel sheet to perfectly organize the hundreds of books you’ll read this year [Lecture 10]
  20. Do you buy your books on Amazon? Here’s how to save over $100 this year [Lecture 33]
  21. Elon Musk: What he can teach you about learning anything without a college degree [Lecture 45]

And much, much more…

You’ll also get access to 5 bonus sections on even more reading tricks and how to find mentors, a free mini course on achieving your dreams and another on making the most of your time. I’ve also included a free bonus resource where I’ll share with you the life-changing ideas from the best books I read in real time.

So to become a learning machine and read more books than you ever thought possible, just click the “take this course” button because every day you delay is an extra book you could have read.

To your success,



What are the requirements?

  • A desire to learn more and achieve things beyond mediocrity
  • The willingness to spend time reading daily

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 67 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • By the end of this course, you’ll be able to read 1-2 books a day and over 300 in a year
  • You’ll learn the only 2 ways to learn something according to Elon Musk — and how to excel at each
  • Find mentors and people to help you succeed on your journey
  • Turn your learning into action (because knowledge without knowing how to use it is useless)

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to read more non-fiction books this year
  • People who have big dreams and strive for things above mediocrity


Course modules

Section 1: Why To Read A Book A Day

Section 2: The Mindset Shift

Section 3: What To Read (and When)

Section 4: The Action Plan

Section 5: Final Thoughts

Section 6: Bonus 1 – A Simple Thing You Can Do To Read Twice as Many Books

Section 7: Bonus 2 – How You Can Read Even More Books

Section 8: Bonus 3 – Even More Reading Tips

Section 9: Bonus 4 – Everything You Need To Know About Speed Reading

Section 10: Bonus 5 – Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Section 11: Bonus 6 – A Mini Course On Finding Mentors

Section 12: Bonus 7 – A Mini Course On Achieving Your Goals

Section 13: Bonus 8 – A Mini Course On Time Management

Section 14: Bonus 9 – A Few Life-Changing Ideas From Amazing Books


For the detailed course content click here


Instructor Biography

Brandon Hakim, Founder of

I’m On A Quest To Give You The Education You’ll Never Get In School.

The things that the world’s highest achievers spent their entire lives discovering, that no professor or teacher will ever tell you.

Because when I was in college, I was mad. I’d just read a book and everything inside was the opposite of what I was learning in all my classes.

So I ran into the dean’s office and said “I’m literally learning more from the books I get on Amazon for five bucks than these classes that cost thousands of dollars each!”

And all she had to tell me is…they’re working on it!

So when I walked out that day, I swore I’d teach myself the things I should have learned in school. And I started reading LOTS of books….now over a thousand on everything from meditation to making money. And I realized ONE BIG THING…

Everyone who’s excelled in any area of life knew things we’re never taught in school.

They were Insiders.

They discovered the truth about finding their purpose and creating a perfect vision to work towards. Or about motivation and productivity, financial freedom, having authentic relationships, changing the world, persuading people, learning incredibly quickly or celebrating their hundredth birthday still in perfect health.

Meanwhile in college we didn’t learn any of this stuff. Instead we’re forced to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to memorize facts so we could write them on a piece of paper.

So if you want to live a life miles beyond the “regular” life, you’ll have to learn less from a classroom, and more from the people who have actually gotten the things you want.

And my goal on Udemy is to share with you how you can also Become A Learning Machine and to condense tens of thousands of pages of reading in different subjects to help you become way more productive and make a lasting impact on the world.


  • Lectures 67
  • Video 3.5 Hours
  • Skill Level All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Includes Lifetime access
    30 day money back guarantee!
    Available on iOS and Android
    Certificate of Completion

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