Extraordinary Learning: Mind Mapping Mastery


Extraordinary Learning:

Mind Mapping Mastery

Learn to capture information and ideas with the technique and become a Mind Mapping Master!!

A Step by Step guide……

Instructed by Illumine Training Ltd


Mind Mapping is the brilliantly effective thinking and learning tool devised by Tony Buzan. I’ve been using Mind Maps for well over 30 years and have been fortunate enough to teach others how to use Mind Maps all over the world since 1996.

I’m delighted to be able to share my understanding of this uniquely effective technique on this course. I devised the course as a hands-on, practical introduction to Mind Mapping. There are 12 separate videos along with exercises that will get you Mind Mapping effectively right from the start.

I’ve included enough theory to explain how and why Mind Maps work, but kept the emphasis on practical ways to benefit from the technique – to help you to think, work, organise, learn, create, communicate and study more effectively. And more enjoyably too!

If you’ve ever been frustrated that your brain feels like it’s stuck in second gear, this course is for you.

If you’ve always wondered about how to get the most from Mind Mapping – you are going to love this course.

In a career that has included working at Chief Finance Officer level in the computer industry, a long stint with the world’s largest consultancy practice and starting and running a successful training organisation, I’ve come across hundreds of techniques to improve personal effectiveness. But Mind Mapping is the only technique that I use every single day. And I do so, quite simply, because it works.

I look forward to introducing you to this unique way of working so that you can start to benefit from Mind Maps too!

Plus your will have unlimited access to our FREE resources.

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Section 1: Introduction and Objectives

Section 2: Getting Started

Section 3: Demonstration

Section 4: How the Brain Works

Section 5: Maximising your Memory

Section 6: Uses of Mind Maps

Section 7: How to Mind Map

Section 8: Improving Thinking and Learning

Section 9: Developing the Skill

Section 10: Bonus Modules – Studying and Exams

Section 11: Summary and Additional Resources

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Illumine Training Ltd, Extraordinary Teacher, Speed Reader & Mind Mapping Master

Speed Reading and Mind Mapping since 1978, and teaching thinking skills since 1996, Clive has unparalleled experience of teaching advanced and accelerated learning skills to people at all stages and ages of life.

He has taught thousands of people how to become extraordinary learners – read faster, take effective notes, understand better and remember more. His knowledge is unique and his enthusiasm infectious.

Director of Illumine Training Ltd where we have been working within the professional development and management training industry since 1996. We offer a unique range of training programmes focused on the development of leadership skills and personal skills. We run Leadership, Management and Development all over the world and have an ever growing reputation as the ‘go-to’ training company in many different industry sectors.


  • Lectures 13
  • Video 1.5 Hours
  • Skill Level All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Includes Lifetime access
    30 day money back guarantee!
    Available on iOS and Android
    Certificate of Completion

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