Learn Mind Mapping with MindManager

Learn Mind Mapping with MindManager


Learn Mind Mapping with MindManager

Be a super-productive Mind Mapper in under 2 hours. 30 Day FREE trial.

Instructed by Peter Urey


Heard about Mind Mapping but not had time to play with the software?

Feel like there must be a way to get more from your Brain?

Want to have more fun with the way you handle your work?

If so then take this course – it was designed with you in mind.

Maps marry your logical mind with your creative abilities to keep your brain more stimulated.

We have an infinite capacity for remembering images so we link graphics to ideas to boost memory.

The brain has an infinite capacity to make creative connections. Maps of your thoughts opens up linkages.

The whole or “gestalt” view relaxes the brain. Seeing the Big Picture feels like everything under control.

Using a simple scenario, making a training course, we demonstrate the features and benefits of MindJet’s MindManager.

Learn by following the course with MindJet’s 30 day FREE trial. Get practical experience. It takes about 2 hours to complete with three simple exercises to build your first map.

Things you will achieve:

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Section 1: Introduction – Getting Started

Section 2: Build the Big Picture from the Central Topic

Section 3: Add graphics to tell a memorable story

Section 4: Adding Notes, Files and Weblinks to Topics

Section 5: Tasks and Project Plans

Section 6: Creative Ideas Generation

Section 7: Spreadsheets and the Advanced Menu Bar

Section 8: Navigating and Personalisation

Section 9: Presenting, Sharing and Saving

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Instructor Biography

Peter Urey, Peak Performance Coaching

Using a coaching technique known as Symbolic Modelling, we base our courses on a set of questions known as Clean Questions, to help you to discover the patterns of thought which govern your behaviour.

When you can fully appreciate what “makes you tick” through the process of achieving and maintaining your peak performance state it becomes easier to spot and deal with the triggers which can knock you off course and recover more effectively.

You can begin the coaching process by answering these questions:

When you are in a peak performance state that’s like what?

When you are in peak performance what do other people see and hear?

When you are below peak performace that’s like what?

When you are below peak performance what do people see and hear?

When you embark on the path back to peak performance that’s like what?

When you take the path of recovery what will other people see and hear?

What help do you need to begin and complete that journey?

Message us with your answers.

In recent years, Professors George Lakoff and Stephen Pinker of Berkeley and Yale have been revealing through the study of linguistics and brain scanning how the mind works. They recognise that at the core we can only make ourselves understood in the world through our use of metaphor – describing one thing in terms of another. David Grove, a pioneer in this field said:

“Metaphor is our primary processing language”

Our training courses reference their work on metaphor. Understanding these first principles will revolutionise the way you perform at peak. People who follow the process we teach believe the following to be be true:

  1. People already possess all the wisdom they will ever need.
    2. That wisdom is accessible through our use of metaphor.
    3. With the techniques we teach we can use metaphor to create the conditions for change.
    4. New insights emerge naturally as we explore the metaphors we use.
    5. Change and learning is a natural by-product of the process.
    6. The impact cannot be known until afterwardsTo help you to get the most value from these courses it would be helpful if you could answer this question and message me with your answer.

    When you are learning at your best, that is like what?

Message up with your answer.

By way of biography at time of writing in 2016, I am 56 years old, have three adult children and have been married to the same person for 29 years. I was born in Manchester, England but now live in London near Kew Gardens.

After leaving Oxford University in 1982 with a degree in Law, I went on to be trained and work in Sales, Marketing and Management in the IT sector. Employers and clients included Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Epson and Canon.

My personal pracitice of karate and tai chi brought me into contact with instructors with a deep understanding of how the human mind works under pressure. It was a martial art instructor who taught me the mantra – Quality of LIfe is Quality of Communication


  • Lectures 30
  • Video 1.5 Hours
  • Skill Level All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Includes Lifetime access
    30 day money back guarantee!
    Available on iOS and Android
    Certificate of Completion


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