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An Advanced Memorization System that Integrates Spaced Repetition and Mnemonics for Building Expert-Level Neural Archit

Instructed by Timothy Kenny


Memory is where the rubber meets the road in accelerated learning.

You buy books and courses.

You spend time reading and taking notes.

You synthesize ideas until you really understanding them.

But none of that means anything if you don’t have access to those ideas in your memory when you need them.

The accelerated learning industry is still in it’s early years.

It’s still obsessed with “vanity metrics.”

What is a vanity metric?

It’s something that looks good or sounds good, but isn’t connected to real world results.

What does that look like?

Take two doctors. Both 45 years old. Both graduated from the same medical school. One is a top surgeon who has clients flying to her from around the globe. The other just lost settled his 10th malpractice lawsuit. Who do you wanted to be treated by? Does it have anything to do with their “years of experience?”

Ok, but what about vanity metrics in accelerated learning?

I’ve talked about a couple of these before in the first two courses in this series on speed reading and note taking.

One is reading speed…WPM, or words per minute. As I said before, what is really important is not speed of reading, but speed of thinking/processing…specifically:

How fast can you take the raw materials, the words/sentences/ideas from the book and ASSEMBLE them in to a framework of knowledge that actually makes sense to you?

A framework that you understand and can use in the real world.

A second vanity metric is number of books read.

Why is this a vanity metric?

Because you will forget over 90% of what you read after a month. If you read a book over the course of the week, you will have already forgotten over half of the first few chapters by the time you are reading the conclusion.

And what about that last 10%? That stuff you do remember?

Is it structured information that you can use that makes sense to you? A new fully formed skillset?

Or is it just a random collection of unorganized factoids?

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Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: The 3 Types of Memorization

Section 3: How to Set Up Your Spaced Repetition System

Section 4: How to Memorizing Using Your Spatial Memory

Section 5: Conclusion

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Timothy Kenny, Author of “Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs”

Timothy Kenny is the author of “Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs.” He teaches classes and speaks to groups about how to accelerate their learning so that they can build successful businesses faster and with more confidence in their success.

Timothy has taught at the Harvard Innovation lab, The Tufts University Entrepreneurs Society, General Assembly in Boston, and has been a featured teacher on Skillshare, among others. He has consulted with startup teams on how to accelerate their learning, creativity, and growth.


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