Brain Power

Brain Power
Increase Your Intelligence, Improve Your Memory And Maximize Your Brain Health. Brain Exercises, Brain Foods And Brain Supplements
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About the Book

They say we only use about 10% of our brain’s capacity. That particular myth has already been disproven, but it is true that most humans have quite a long way to go before reaching their brain’s full capability. Whether that is due to poor lifestyle habits or to a disruptive environment, it cannot be denied that any person worth their salt should make an effort to get past any initial difficulties so that s/he can realize his/her potential.
The human brain is a marvel of evolution, having developed from an organ that merely guided the body’s limbs to stand upright into a veritable powerhouse that can process astounding amounts of information within seconds. Clearly, whoever coined the phrase, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” was on to something.
This book was written to help anyone who wants to maximize their brain’s potential, as well as those who would like to take preemptive measures to protect against aging’s degenerative effects on the mind. The chapters on this book are thus packed with the following information:

    • The brain’s structure and how it works, helping you to
    • Disprove the myth that emotions take root in the heart
    • Find out why some memories are harder to forget than others
    • Familiarize yourself with the brain’s part in keeping the human body alive and ticking
    • Key lifestyle changes that may seem trivial, but can actually have a great impact on boosting your brain development. Find out:
    • How something as simple as switching to your non-dominant hand can compel your brain to charge up and make new pathways
    • Why exercise benefits your mind just as much as your body
    • Why you should integrate meditation into your daily routine
    • How taking a vacation can actually help revitalize your brain
    • Why sleeping early is not advisable for everyone
    • How to figure out the best time for you to hit the sack
    • What sorts of reading material you should stock up on to improve your brain’s capacity
      • “Superfoods” that can go a long way towards boosting your brain power, provided that you eat them the right way. Discover:
      • Why oily fish like salmon and mackerel are a better source of omega-3 fatty acids than soy beans and pumpkin seeds
      • How dark chocolate can ward off mental disorders like anxiety and depression to help you focus better (and why you should do portion control when snacking on it)
      • How you should consume tomatoes so that you can get the maximum nutritional benefit
      • Which summer berry is the ultimate “superfood” for your brain, and how it can help you lower your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease
      • Memory exercises and tricks that you can use to help you remember things better, such as:
      • Acronyms
      • Acrostics
      • Catchy Rhymes
    • Method of loci