Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory

Master the Art of Remembering Names in Just 5 Easy Steps

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About the Book

You: *Goes to break room during work* *Sees new co-worker* *walks up to the new co-worker* “Hey, nice to meet you, I’m Walter.”
You & Coworker: *Shake hands*
Co-worker: “Hi, I’m Alex, how are you?”
You: “I’m good thanks for asking, how about you?”
Co-worker: “I’m doing good myself, thank you.”
You: “So, how do you like it so far? What do you think?”
Co-worker: “Well, it’s my first day, but so far so good. I kind of like it here.”
You: “Haha, i’m sure you won’t feel that way after a couple of weeks.”
Co-worker: “Haha, yahh, that’s what everyone has been saying, but so far, I like it here. Anyways, I have to go and finish off my training assignment, it was nice meeting you Walter.”
You: *Thinking to yourself: “Oh shoot, I forgot his name and he literally just told me, I think it was John, or maybe William. Ugh, I don’t remember, i’m pretty sure it started with the letter ‘D,’ maybe it was Derek.”
You: “Oh, ok, well it was nice to meet you too MAN, i’ll be seeing you around DUDE, bye.”
Co-worker: “Alright, bye.”
You: *Thinking to yourself: “Oh my God, I can’t believe I already forgot his name. Now he probably got offended or something because I didn’t remember his name; but I think I played that off pretty well. I don’t even think he realized I forgot. It seemed perfectly normal to just call him dude. Hmm, oh well, i’ll find out his name from someone else or from some type paperwork. He’ll think I do know his name.”

*You then see your co-worked again later in the day and he approaches you; and you still have not been able to recall his name. You either end up embarrassing yourself, or you keep substituting his name with words like “dude, man, bro,” until finally, you just learn his name somehow.*

If this sounds familiar to you and you have been through a situation just like this one or something pretty similar, then you need to read this book. This book starts off by giving you background information on memory, so you have an understanding of how this works and how the brain works when it comes to remembering things. This would be part of building your foundation, which is always the first and most important thing of learning any new skill.

Then, you will be given a step by step process of exactly how to remember names. After you learn the technique, there will be two PRACTICES I will walk you through. I understand what it’s like to try and learn a new skill, only to find that you are starting to get confused. So, i did my best in creating engaging content that you can absorb and start applying TODAY! It is easy to read and follow along with. It is short and to the point. I know that when i want to learn something, i just want to learn it as quickly as possible and then begin applying it soon as possible. If this is also you, then you have found the perfect book.

My main goal for this book is to provide QUALITY information that each reader can benefit from. I want every page to provide new and valuable information. I want this book to be the only book you should have to read if you desire to master the art of remembering names. My interest in remembering names started after i graduated high school and joined a network marketing company. After i had joined this company, i was meeting an average of around 20 new people a week. sometimes more, sometimes less.

Anyways, i learned throughout my time involved with network marketing that remembering someones name could lead me to great things. I was in a business of relationships and leadership. I realized that remembering peoples names would show them that I actually cared about them and that i was listening to what they were saying. This was a tremendous discovery for me as it would add value to my leadership and relationships, two key components needed to build a business.

Thank you and I wish you the best of luck in everything you decide to take on.

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