How to Learn Faster with Mind Maps: Mind Mapping Secrets for Improved Study Skills

How to Learn Faster with Mind Maps: Mind Mapping Secrets for Improved Study Skills
Genres: Memory improvement, Study
Tags: memory palace, mind maps, study tips
Learn how to use mind maps to study less and remember more today!
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About the Book

You’re about to discover how to use an ancient style of note taking known as “Mind Mapping” to revolutionize the way you study, research, and brainstorm
If you are like most people, then you learned how to take notes in a list format on lined paper, often times copying word for word what the book or lecturer is saying. You probably look back on your notes and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of going through them to find something meaningful because there are just so many pages of information and who knows what is important?
Luckily things don’t have to be this way, after I used mind mapping to boost my GPA a full point I decided that this note taking system needed to be shared with as many people as possible. Mind mapping is a note taking system which starts out with one central idea and the notes radiate out from the center, it is a visual representation of the way that our brains naturally think and remember facts. This logical, and organized structure helps us to remember more facts and make more rich connections between ideas, which ultimately means that study time is cut down and understanding shoots through the roof.
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • The steps to successful mind mapping
    • 4 great ways to use mind maps
    • When to use mind maps and when to avoid them
    • Which mind mapping software rocks and which doesn’t
    • A free preview of my “Memory Palace” technique
  • And much, much more!