The Quick and Easy Guide to Mind Map

The Quick and Easy Guide to Mind Map
Genre: Memory improvement
Tags: Memory improvement, mind maps

Improve Your Memory, Be More Creative, and Unleash Your Mind's Full Potential

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About the Book

Mind mapping is a very powerful thinking tool that will increase your mind’s efficiency and effectiveness dramatically. It is becoming more and more relevant in the information age, where the amount of information you need to consume and process every day is growing exponentially. This book will be your compass as you journey through the vast seas of information, where you will survive and thrive while others drown. Bestselling author Thomas Randall shows you step-by-step how you can use mind map to:

* Think more clearly
* Improve memory
* Improve comprehension
* Get better grades
* Organize information faster
* Improve learning
* Enhance work efficiency

In this concise yet comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know about mind map—from what mind mapping is and how to draw a mind map to how you can harness the full power of this powerful tool in your personal and profession life. Moreover, after reading the details on the most up-to-date development of mind mapping software included in this book, you will be able to orchestrate the extraordinary synergy between a powerful tool with cutting edge technology.

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