Spanish Vocabulary Bible

Spanish Vocabulary Bible
Genre: Learning languages
Tag: learning spanish
ISBN: 012
Memory Tricks for the Lazy Learner
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About the Book

Time to move beyond hola and adiós and trick your mind into acquiring new words with cunning mnemonics and tricks. Time to step up your game and ace Spanish like a wizard.
One doesn’t have to swallow the Blarney Stone – or the dictionary, for that matter – in order to get chatty in Spanish. Chatting up native Spanish speakers need not be a pipe-dream anymore. All you need is a strong basic vocabulary of the words that matter.
This book takes you from ground zero and arms you with all the words it takes to make engaging conversations a welcome reality.

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– Over 1,400 pages of sheer lexical sorcery
– 68 carefully assorted vocabulary groups to aid systematic learning
– Cunning word-association tricks to help you learn within seconds
– Tips on using etymology to make alien-sounding words familiar
– Local words from 10 Spanish-speaking countries to help you sound more native
– Special tidbits with every chapter to keep things spiced up always
– Thoughtfully crafted usage sentences to help you learn words in context
With Spanish Vocabulary Bible, you will never be at a loss for words whatever be the context. Welcome to the world’s MOST COMPREHENSIVE resource on vocabulary acquisition AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT.

Please note that the free companion digital flashcard deck is not available with this edition. In order to avail it, please purchase the book directly from the publisher using PayPal or Gumroad at[/read]