Eliza Palmer

   Eliza Palmer  Eliza Palmer is an author, speaker, and researcher. A degree holder in Public Health, she has dedicated her time to lecturing and supervising memory training programs. She has also appeared in various seminars and talks on memory improvement.

     Through her continuous research and extensive knowledge in the field, Eliza has helped a number of people with memory problems; she has not only made them able to recover lost memories, but also aided them in enhancing their recollection skills.

As an extension of her efforts on memory improvement, she has additionally taken interest in enlightenment and the power of consciousness. She believes that there is so much more to be learned about the human mind and its strong ability to recreate one’s reality. Her passion greatly shows in all of her work, both written and spoken. She has been invited to give talks about memory enhancement, enlightenment and other women’s health.


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Eliza Palmer

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