Jim Samuels

Jim Samuels     Dr. Jim Samuels began helping others improve their memories as a teenager in 1962. He has spent the succeeding fifty years developing and refining his applied philosophical approach to human development.

His development of SORTing™ in 1975 introduced a robust set of techniques lay individuals could use to release life-times of previously unresolved stress, and greatly increase their understanding and self-awareness. Soon after, he turned his attention to the world of business, integrating memory training with a strategic approach to planning and management for numerous businesses.

In the 1990’s he adapted his work in applied philosophy to found The Principles of Engagement, a Martial Arts system. He was awarded the rank of Grandmaster of Martial Arts Philosophy and trained numerous Regional, National and World Champions, including Andrew Gainer, a 3-time world champion in full contact freestyle competition.

His award-winning cable television series, The Warrior-Philosopher, ran for fifteen years and reached tens of thousands of people seeking ways to improve their lives.

Dr. Samuels has been a prolific innovator/educator, providing people with tools to relieve stress and fulfill their potential.

Today his work has culminated in Re-Minding™, a truly extraordinary personal skill that allows people to quickly free themselves from unwanted thoughts and feelings and release their natural creativity and energy. It is a major therapeutic breakthrough in self-management and personal freedom.

Look for his latest work, Re-Mind Yourself and the Re-Mind Yourself WORKBOOK here:

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Jim Samuels

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