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Kevin VostKevin Vost, Psy.D. (b. 1961) has taught psychology at the University of Illinois at Springfield, Lincoln Land Community College, MacMurray College, and at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee. A former powerlifter and Highland Games Heavy Events competitor, Dr. Vost has also served as a weightlifting instructor, fitness writer for the International Association of Resistance Trainers, Research Review Committee Member for American Mensa (the high IQ society), lector for St. Agnes Catholic Church, and fast food fries and drink man (a few decades back). His voice (and sometimes the rest of him) travel the globe sharing themes of faith, philosophy, and fitness on radio, television, and in live presentations.

Dr. Vost’s latest book is Hounds of the Lord: Great Dominican Saints Every Catholic Should Know (Sophia Institute Press, 2015). Others include The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Forty-Four Death-Dealing Daughters: A Thomistic Approach to Vanquishing Vice and Sin (Sophia Institute Press, 2015), The One-Minute Aquinas: The Doctor’s Quick Answers to Fundamental Questions (Sophia Institute Press,2014), Memorize the Reasons! Defending the Faith with the Catholic Art of Memory (Catholic Answers Press, 2013),Three Irish Saints: A Guide to Finding Your Spiritual Style (TAN, 2012), St. Albert the Great: Champion of Faith and Reason (TAN, 2011) and with the help of co-authors Shane Kapler, Peggy Bowes, and some special guests including author and Son Rise Morning Show producer Matt Swaim — Tending the Temple: 365 Days of Spiritual and Physical Devotions (Bezalel Books, 2011).

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Memorize the Faith! (and Most Anything Else) Memorize the Reasons! Defending the Faith with the Catholic Art of Memory

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