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Dr. Paul Nussbaum     Dr. Paul Nussbaum is a licensed neuropsychologist from Pennsylvania who is a leader in the area of brain health and brain health lifestyle. He is an international lecturer and author on the basics of the human brain and how to keep your brain healthy across your lifespan. With an academic and clinical background, Dr. Nussbaum’s work caters to the general public and media outlets. He provides consultation to diverse businesses and organizations interested in brain health. His work is informative, fun, humorous, and personal. Most members of his audience enjoy his ability to take the complex and make it personally relevant. There is no greater, more miraculous system than the human brain and Dr. Nussbaum serves to educate all about this wonder. His new book “Save Your Brain” (McGraw-Hill)provides a friendly overview of your brain and a proactive brain health lifetsyle to incorporate into your daily life.

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