Ryota Cahal

     Ryota Cahal is a person who will never stop learning. Receiving two bachelors, one master, and a doctorate from the University of California he always had a hunger to learn more. As a child his parents raised him to answer his own questions. With the luxury of having Google at our finger tips it made the process a lot easier. With a constant hunger from knowledge he continued to expand his field of expertise and capabilities.
When working as a Pharmacist he studied a lot about Nootropics. He learned about the positive effects of drugs. He did enough research to start applying them to himself. As a member of the anti-aging group he continues to strive to learn about Nootropics that can better help people in a positive matter. The combination of his experience with Nootropics and hunger for knowledge Ryota has a huge advantage over most of the people around him. He uses that luxury as a tool to better himself and those who don’t have the same ability as he does. Constantly attempting to make the people around him the best they can be. Ryota is a giver, fighter, a strategic thinker, and an innovator.

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Ryota Cahal

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