Tony Buzan

TONY BUZAN on   Tony Buzan (born 2 June 1942) is an English author and educational consultant.Buzan popularized the idea of mental literacy and a thinking technique called Mind Mapping.

   Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain, memory, speed reading, creativity and innovation. He has been named as one of the world’s top 5 speakers by Forbes magazine.

   Through over 40 years of research into the workings of the brain, Tony Buzan is dedicating his life to developing and refining techniques to help individuals think better and more creatively, and reach their full potential. He has awakened the brains of millions worldwide.

   Described as “one of the most influential leaders in the field of thinking creatively”, Tony utilises his accredited training courses to build a network of highly specialised experts in creative thinking, memory and speed reading techniques. Tony Buzan imparts his knowledge and expertise on the three ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor courses in Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading, which he both leads and accredits.(

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Tony Buzan’s books&courses on memory:

tony buzan Use your head Tony Buzan- Use Your memory

  tony buzan- use your perfect memory  tony buzan- master your memory TONY BUZAN -The memory book

tony buzan- memory vision tony buzan- brilliant memory buzan- memory boot camp

buzan- brain boot camp  buzan- brain user guidebuzan use your head

buzan most important graph buzan age proof your brain buzan mental world records

buzan book mental world records buzan study skills buzan your age herezy

gelb ,buzan lessons art of juggling buzan make the most of your mind  buzan head first

buzan brain power  buzan The-Book-Of-Genius  buzan head strong

Tony Buzan’s courses on learning languages:

buzan- learning languages french 1  buzan- learning languages french 2  buzan- learning languages french 3

buzan- learning languages french 4     buzan- learning languages french 5

buzan- learning languages spanish 1  buzan- learning languages spanish 2  buzan- learning languages spanish 3

buzan- learning languages spanish 4   buzan- learning languages spanish 5

buzan- learning languages italian 1  buzan- learning languages italian 2  buzan- learning languages italian 3

buzan- learning languages italian 4  buzan- learning languages italian 5


Buzan’s books on intelligence types:

buzan- intelligence creative  buzan- intelligence spiritual

buzan- intelligence social  buzan- intelligence verbal

Buzan’s books on Mind Mapping:

buzan the mind map book  buzan the mind map book 2  buzan the mind map book 3

buzan the mind map book 4  buzan the mind map book 5  buzan the mind map book 7

buzan the mind map book 9  buzan the mind map book 10  buzan the mind map book 11

buzan mind map book

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