BacopaBacopa significantly improved memory acquisition and retention in healthy elderly(Study)

Bacopa monnieri Linn or Brahmi, a plant in the family Scrophulariaceae, has been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine for centuries. It has been claimed as a nerve tonic and extensively used for treatment of various neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. Accumulative lines of evidence have demonstrated that B. monnieri extract could enhance memory in animal studies [13–15]. In addition, it has been demonstrated that consumption of B. monnieri at a dose of 300 mg per day can enhance logical memory, paired associated learning, and mental control in age-associated memory impairment (AAMI) subjects without serious adverse effects.

This study confirms the health benefit of Bacopa monnieri for the healthy elderly. In addition, no toxicity or side effects were observed throughout this experiment. It clearly demonstrated that B. monnieri suppresses AChE activity resulting in enhanced cholinergic function, which in turn enhances attention and memory processing and gives rise to the increased working memory. Since mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and early phase Alzheimer’s disease occur due to cholinergic degeneration and oxidative stress, this plant extract may provide a benefit in terms of decreasing memory impairment in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and early-phase Alzheimer’s disease and even in attention deficit disorder.

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