Huperzine A

Huperzia serrataHuperzine A, an extract from a Chinese medicinal herb, has been found to improve cognitive function in seniors with memory disorders

Huperzia is a type of moss that grows in China. It is related to club mosses (the Lycopodiaceae family) and is known to some botanists as Lycopodium serratum. The whole prepared moss was used traditionally. Modern herbal preparations use only the isolated alkaloid known as huperzine A.

Huperzine A, an isolated alkaloid from the Chinese medicinal herb huperzia (Huperzia serrata), has been found to improve cognitive function in elderly people with memory disorders. One double-blind trial found that huperzine A (100 to 150 mcg two to three times per day for four to six weeks) was more effective for improving minor memory loss associated with ARCD than the drug piracetam.

In a placebo-controlled trial, 58% of people with Alzheimer’s disease had significant improvement in memory and mental and behavioral function after taking 200 mcg of huperzine A twice per day for eight weeks—a statistically significant improvement compared to the 36% who responded to placebo.


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