The Super Clever Advanced Learning Method (SCALM) Book


Great News!
My new book, ‘Introducing The Super-Clever-Advanced-Learning-Method(SCALM)’ is LIVE on Amazon!

After launching my video course on The Super-Clever-Advanced-Learning-Method,  I decided to publish an introductory book, so that this effective method could be known by as many people as possible.

If you want to learn more about the SCALM technique, you can find the book here:

In this book, I introduce my own original and extremely efficient method for learning any kind of information, a very versatile method that combines the most efficient memory techniques.

There is a method—a formula, if you will—behind any ultra-efficient learning. And that’s what this course is about: taking you behind the curtain and showing you that formula.

This great learning tool, that I have named “The SCALM Technique”, is extremely effective because of its versatility. It can be applied to any type of material you will have to remember.

This method solves the problem of memorizing abstract information through a series of simple steps that will turn hundreds of pages of intricate information into easy-to-remember images.

Here are the 5 steps of the method: Structure, Chunk, Associate, Locate and Memorize (S.C.A.L.M.).

What is truly spectacular about this method is that it can help you memorize entire books. In simple terms, it translates the abstract information into the alphabet of the brain, which is made up of concrete images, thus making it possible to memorize it in the long term.

I have to tell you from the beginning that this is not a theoretical book. Although I tried to explain in detail each concept and each step of this simple method, I hope this course will not seem very theoretical to you. I added many examples, to help you better understand how the method works.

It is a very simple and a very effective method, I promise you!

All the best

Chris M Nemo

Memory Improvement Writer and Blogger, Creator of the SCALM Learning Technique

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