MEMORY STRAWBERRY: The Complete Starter Kit to a Better Memory

Great news!

My new book , “MEMORY STRAWBERRY: The Complete Starter Kit to a Better Memory” is live on Amazon!

Why did I choose the title “Memory Strawberry” for this book?

Because memory improvement is about creating memorable images and sounds that stick in our brains for a long time. The rhyme in the title makes this book very memorable initially, but I am sure that its entire content, full of dense information, presented in a very practical way and accompanied by lots of examples, will make you come back to it anytime with pleasure and confidence.

This book is intended to be a condensed guide to memory techniques that will provide you with a solid foundation for practicing them in the future. The good news is that once you learn these techniques, it’s like learning a new foreign language. New horizons and perspectives will open up to you almost as soon as you start practicing them, and your performance will move to a higher level. In fact, armed with these powerful mind tools, you will become a completely new person.
Remember, all you need to become a memory athlete is a set of tools and a lot of practice. This book will teach you the tools and will guide you to effective practice.

I’m sure you will love it! 

Here is the book on Amazon:


All the best,

Chris M Nemo

Memory Improvement Writer and Blogger at The Mnemo Bay

Creator of the Super Clever Advanced Learning Method(SCALM)

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