Ashton Cruise

Ashton Cruise

ASHTON CRUISE Entrepreneur – investor – writer – motivational speaker.

Born in America and raised in the writings, teachings and concepts of luminaries such as: “Warren Buffet”,”Benjamin Graham.”…
He considers himself “somebody passionate for knowledge”. He has a reading average of approximately 800 pages per DAY, with special interest on: markets, applied psychology in business, financial freedom, new forms of investment, ways to trade, world economy, technology, and even comparisons between developments in investment ways.

Ashton says that the key to “success”, both personally as well as professionally, is based on the cohesion between two influential factors: “The fervent pursuit search and pursuit of our happiness” accompanied by “a winning mentality, through financial education, which would lead to freedom.” Thus, we would not have to worry or stress out for cumbersome questions such as: How high is my salary? When is a good time to make use of a few my vacation days? We might even find new ways to invest our most precious asset: time.

As we mentioned earlier, Ashton associates the term “monetary poverty” to “mental poverty”, sustains and gives evidence that “serious complaints” and poverty in general, are not due to trite phrases like: “my salary is very low,” “On what am I going to invest in if I have no money?” or “society does not allow me to have a decent job”, but rather to the great lack of information and financial education that exists in society; huge gaps that Ashton argues he will not rest until fully covering them.


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Ashton Cruise

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