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James BrowningJames Browning developed his passion for counseling and coaching when he was still in college. He was a weak willed child that often chose to avoid conflict, confrontation, and even responsibilities. High school worsened his attitude due to bullying and the constant pressure of trying to get to a good university, which was expected of him by his parents.

With all the difficulties that came while surviving college, he almost broke down. He accidentally stumbled upon a life coaching seminar. Young James was uplifted. His outlook in life changed forever. He finished the course his parents chose for him, and immediately enrolled for a psychology degree. The rest, as they say, is history.

James Browning has been a life coach for at least a decade now. He has dealt with people who struggle with their life’s challenges. He offers anxiety management, organization advice, and financial guidance.

One day, he noticed that the number of clients he handled was already too much to the point that he was forced to decline some of the people who personally came to his office for consultation and to request for seminars. It was a fruitful time for him. However, it tired him out. He favored coaching one on one than speaking in public.

It was an ironic event for a person who offers guidance on anxiety relief and stress management.

That realization made him think of a better way to spread his word, reduce the amount of seminars he conducts (and do it by invitation only), and accommodate all of those who wanted to have a talk with him. And that was to write and impart his knowledge through books. It was a win-win idea for him. Not only will he be able to get more personal time with his clients, he will reduce the amount of reading materials he recommends to them. He does recommend a lot, to be honest, and most of them are thick booklets.

To make his books easy to digest, he wrote them as self-help books. The format allows his clients to read short but comprehensive information, technical but informally toned, and cheap but valuable book.

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