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Lisa SheaLisa Shea is a fervent fan of honor, loyalty, and chivalry. She brings to life worlds where men and women stand shoulder to shoulder, steady in their desire to make the world a better place for all. Most of her profits are donated to support battered women’s shelters.

Lisa’s works are all cleanly written with no explicit intimacy, mild if any violence, and mild if any language. They are suitable for teens and up. The content varies by series. For example, the sword-wielding medieval romances have heroines who occasionally ward off a robber. While it’s gently described, that might be called “violence.” On the other hand, the Black Cat cozy mysteries have no violence at all.

Lisa has written a wide range of fiction stories. She has twelve medieval romances, three modern murder mystery novels, four sci-fi adventures, three Scottish regency time travel romances, three dystopian stories, two 1800s-era black-Indian novellas, and two Blackstone Valley mysteries.

In short stories, there’s a thirty-one part story-a-day mini mystery series set in Salem, Massachusetts through the month of October 2014. A seventeen-part time travel series. A three-part Biblical-era series. A three-part zoo cozy mystery series. A two-part art museum mystery series. Three standalone sci-fi and two standalone contemporary shorts.

On the non-fiction side, Lisa has written 83 books. There are 13 low carb books, 19 relationship books, 13 on green living, 9 on journaling, 4 on ASP programming, 3 on sleep and dreams, 2 on wine, 3 on wedding and courtship traditions, 2 on Melville poetry, 1 on history, and 11 on various self-help topics like working from home, reducing stress, yoga, meditation, and conquering a fear of spiders.

Lisa has over 500 pages online to help aspiring authors learn how to develop time management, write that book, lay it out, and get it published. Visit for all the details, and free to email with questions!

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