Steve Gillman

  Steve Gillman   Steve Gillman is a writer and internet publisher. He has several books published, the most recent being “101 Weird Ways to Make Money.” Other titles include “Secrets of Lucky People” and “Beyond Mental Slavery.”

He is co-owner (with wife Ana Blum) of Webhiker LLC, which operates over two dozen informational websites covering various subjects ranging from how to have good luck to wilderness survival to real estate investing. His blogs include Brainpower News and The New Ideas Blog. He is perhaps best known for his websites on brainpower and interesting ways to make money.

Gillman legally stole cars in the middle of the night while working as a repo-man. He has made money dealing blackjack, renting out rooms in his house, installing restaurant equipment, playing chess, selling mobile homes, assembling muffler brackets, hawking used stuffed animals at flea markets–and the list goes on. Eventually finding his entrepreneurial niche (or niches) online, he has been writing for years about unusual jobs and businesses.

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Steve Gillman 100 Ways To Increase Your Mind Power (Mind Power Series)

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