Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Benefits for Memory Loss

pure coconut oil for memory lossGone are those days, when coconut oil was used just as a cooking oil, the numerous health benefits associated with coconut oil has made it an important part of our lifestyle. Advanced studies and researches shows that coconut oil can help to improve the memory power in humans.

Wonder how many people would have believed some few years ago, if we said coconut oil has so many nutrients capable of improving our health. The oil is capable of improving immunity, digestion, weight loss and prevents heart disease. Its such a surprise, how coconut oil has got a name for itself has healthy oil after being used as cooking oil for many years.

Impact of Coconut Oil on Memory

It is perfectly normal to forget things occasionally. In fact after a particular age, mild memory loss is no cause for concern. But sometimes people tend to forget everything so quickly at a faster rate, which in turn leads to diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. These days the number of people suffering from memory related diseases are on the rise. So it was important to have a viable solution other than drugs (that cause so much of side effects in memory related problems). After many years of research and studies, doctors have now found coconut oil has the properties to cure memory loss diseases.

In memory related diseases, some section of brain will tend to have difficulties in using sugar as energy. There is a slight connection between memory diseases and diabetes. People suffering from memory loss, seems to regain memory on receiving insulin.

Did you know?  Your body converts coconut oil immediately to energy, instead of storing it as fat.

Our body is capable of converting only 2 types of fuels into energy, they are sugar and fats. When fat is converted to energy, it produces Ketones – a high fat and moderate protein diet that makes the body to go into a state called metabolic Ketosis. Ketones are found to improve the memory power by a large extend. The primary source of these Ketones is Medium – Chain – Triglycerides (MCT) and they are found in abundance on Coconut Oil.

Medium – Chain – Triglycerides

MCT s are fats processed by our body, they goes directly to our liver and converts oil into Ketones. Liver in turn releases Ketones into our bloodstream which is transferred to our brain and is used as a fuel. Studies have revealed that Ketones are capable of refreshing neurons and nerve functions of Brain. Our body considers MCTs as carbohydrates and not as fats, hence they are easily digested. It is said that coconut oil has about 15 % of MCTs. Hence coconut oil is actually a fat but acts like a carbohydrate.

How much Coconut Oil should you have Daily?

Putting everything aside about the advantages of coconut oil now we will talk about how to use it. Well there is no prescribed dose for taking it. Based on your physical needs and fitness you can adjust the intake of coconut oil. It is perfectly okay to take in 3 or 4 tablespoon of coconut oil on your daily diet, either through coffee or any other cooking dishes. You can use either virgin or refined oil, as it depends on the individual taste and needs. It is also found that, use of coconut oil could help in the strengthening of bones.


Even though Coconut Oil is gaining more recognition as a healthy oil, many of the experts are of the opinion that it is good to keep the use of coconut oil in a moderate level. It is said that other healthy oils like Almond, Olive and Avocado have more nutritious value than Coconut Oil. So it is fair enough to say, until more research is done on the health benefits of Coconut oil, it is good to keep its use in check.

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