Peppermint tea

peppermint-tea-1109_640Peppermint tea are found to ‘significantly’ improve long term memory in adults

Peppermint tea was found to significantly improve long term memory and working memory in healthy adults.

Dr Mark Moss and colleagues from Northumbria University will present their research to the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference in Nottingham today (WEDS).

A total of 180 participants were randomly allocated to receive a drink of peppermint tea, chamomile tea or hot water.

Before drinking the herb tea they completed questionnaires relating to their mood. After a twenty minute rest, the participants underwent tests of their memory and a range of other cognitive functions and then completed another mood questionnaire.

The peppermint tea significantly improved long term memory, working memory and alertness compared to both chamomile and hot water, the study found.

Meanwhile camomile tea significantly slowed memory and attention speed.

Dr Mark Moss said: ‘It’s interesting to see the contrasting effects on mood and cognition of the two different herbal teas.

Source:Daily Mail

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