A great tool for memorizing numbers with PAO

​As you probably already know​,the Person Action Object -PAO system is used by many mental athletes because is very efficient and easy to use.​

This method involves encoding 6 digits at a time into images made up of a person, an action and an object, then placing the mnemonic images along a mental journey.

​   First, you learn a 100 persons+actions+object list ,then you transform any long number into memorable images.

When you memorize long numbers with PAO system, first you have to chunk them in 6s. The first 2 digits are converted into a person, the second 2 digits become an action,and the third pair of 2 digits become an object.The unique combination between that person , the action of another person and the object of a third person will create a memorable image, that you will place along an imaginary journey.

I have created, especially for you, a tool that will help you easily memorize up to 6,000 digits​.

It’s an excel document in which you can type or paste the number you want to memorize, and it will be converted to PAO images​.

You can download it from here (File-Download as-Microsoft excel .xlsx):



After downloading it​,you can begin to use this tool for memorizing any long number.

Download the tool directly from my blog: https://mnemobay.com/wp-content/uploads/PAO-tool-for-numbers.xlsx


Please note that the document has 2 sheets:

1. My PAO list.  You can use my list as it is or you can adapt it according to your preferences.

2. PAO images for your number- where you can type or paste the number to be memorized and it will be transformed into memorable images.

I hope it will be useful to all of you!

​ If you want to learn more about this technique ,I have created a course dedicated entirely to this powerful system​: “Memory Experts’ Tools: The Person Action Object System” 

All the best

Chris M Nemo

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