Anna Goldentouch

anna goldentouch

     Prof. Anna Goldentouch started teaching super-learning skills when she was 17 years old. Anna developed the super-learning abilities as a tool to deal with personal dyslexia, after taking several courses on super-learning. After finishing advanced degrees in education and sociology, Anna started to teach in Bar Ilan and Ben Gurion Universities in Israel. Anna’s courses on speed reading, memory development and didactic techniques are extremely popular with students. Anna also provides consulting services and training for various large companies and government services.
         Anna made it her mission to teach people how to learn in a better, more efficient and fulfilling way.
        Anna provides 1:1 Skype sessions for students all over the world, seminars for institutions, corporate bodies and government organizations. Anna’s ability to create extremely effective custom-tailored learning strategies saved countless hours to tens of thousands on Anna’s students.Anyone in need of Anna’s advice can write to

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